Lost Velocity

My name is Nick Phillips I’m a 6’3 170 pound freshman. Over the summer of eighth grade i hit 80 at a showcase and sat 78-79. As we got into winter training my first bullpen I was 78-79 topping out at 80 same as I did over the summer but as we’ve pitched more and more my velocity keeps going down. I have no arm pain at all and it feels like my arm just won’t move fast anymore. I’ve gained about 15 pounds from our weight lifting that my team has done over the winter. It’s a very athletic program and we do a bunch of stretching. I also stretch and do bands at home all the time so I don’t think it’s a matter of flexibility or range of motion. I was all arm throwing over the summer and we changed my mechanics for the better. I don’t think the mechanics are making me throw slower either because as I said earlier I did hit 80 with them. I’ve heard things about dead arm and I wonder if I have it. We throw 25 pitches on Wednesday and Saturday. Everyone else is making big velocity gains and I’m not, it’s making me feel very unmotivated working so hard and seeing myself just get worse when everyone else is getting better. I talked to my coaches and personal trainers and they said just trust the process, but after a month of seeing my velocity continue to go down that’s become difficult for me to do

Just wondering. When did you get to be 6’3? That is pretty big for a Freshman. I’m guessing you hit a pretty significant growth spurt around your Eighth grade to Freshman year. As you grow in height and weight, your body gains new cells and nerves that have not gone threw the rigorous training the rest of your cells have. You may need to step back a little and retrain yourself to throw, hit, and run again. Or, at least how to get your body moving quickly again. Focus on quickness over strength for a while.

Just a thought. Not necessarily the solution.

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I was 6’0.5 last year (don’t want to sound annoying with the half inch just trying to be as accurate as possible) and I also gained twenty pounds. Thank you for your feedback by the way

Nick, I am posting a link to an article by Eric Cressey; Eric is the Head Trainer of the New York Yankees and is well known in MLB and the Sports Performance Industry.

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Hey TopGun,

It’s been a couple weeks since you sent that to me and I started doing stretches like it said to do in the article under the loss of mobility section. Glad to say I’m back up to 82 and am well on my way to more velocity just by stretching. Crazy how small of a solution it was