Lost it all

I haven’t been able to go out and pitch in a wile because were I live its been raining like crazy. So the other day I was finaly able to go out and pitch, but I couldnt hit the strike zone, my velosity had droped,and my change up was going as fast as my fastball. What should I do to get my control, velosity, and change up back?

How long is a while? Sometimes if I don’t pitch in a couple weeks I notice all my stuff fall apart. I usually can gain it back with a couple days of pitching.

How long have you not pitched?

Yeah is been about a 3-4 weeks

Yep that could do it. It just takes some time.

How often do you get the opportunity to pitch?

I’m in between seasons so I go out and pitch about evey other day for about 30 min. to an houre and a half.

You should gain it back pretty soon.

If you don’t then theres as problem but I’m sure you will, just work on it.

Good thanks alot

You should videotape yourself and send us a clip of your pitching. We can help you with your mechanics a lot.

Yeah I’ll probly do that when the season starts.

If you can try before the season so you have some stuff to work on to be prepared for the season. Once the season starts it’s hard to change mechanics because a lot of people keep what they got because it’s what they’re used to. Most high school pitchers don’t have a week of rest and days to work on mechanics so once the season starts it’s hard to change stuff up.

How old are you? What times of the year do you play baseball?

I’m thirteen and usualy play in the spring but I’m gunna play fall ball so I can get in some extra playing time before high school next year.

Ohh, ok I understand. Yeah falls a good time to work on mechanics and you have all winter to tinker before the spring so you can find what you like and be most effective. I was thinking you were going to wait till spring for a video.

I’ve only been pitching for two years but the first time I did I decided I wanted to be a pitcher