Lost Curve ball please help

I changed my arm slot location around 6 months ago to try a high 3/4 arm slot…I have previously always thrown over the top. I am left handed and have been working hard to get it back to its former 12-6 curve movement.
I need help please…I think I have the correct grip but my release point is off?? I can throw 2 or 3 great curve throws in a bull pen but the rest are high or low and or all over. My change up and 2 and 4 seam fast ball are all fine…any advice or drills would be so gratefully received. Thanks, Corey

Corey, this plea for assistance really belongs in the “General Pitching Advice” section—but since I’ve found it where it is, let me see what I can do to advise you.
First of all, what made you decide to change your arm slot? I know that a lot of pitching coaches try to get pitchers who are throwing from some other arm slot to go over the top, but you’re trying to come down to more of a 3/4 angle—and this could be what’s causing the problem with some of your pitches and your release point.
It seems that your problem is with the curve ball. A lot of pitchers seem to be having trouble with it, especially when they’re changing their arm angle. Something just occurred to me—what would happen if you were to come down even further, perhaps closer to sidearm? Think about that and let me know what happens when you try to do that. I’m no further away than my stupid computer. 8)