Loss in velocity

Well I’m 14 I’m a starting pitcher, and the beginning of this season my stuff was looking great. but with one exception I was kind of short arming it. but I was still getting the ball up there in the clocks at 75mph, and my breaking stuff was looking great, but my coach thought I could go faster because I was short arming it, and well now I’ve gotten my arm long and not fast enough. my fastball has dropped from 75 to 65 my breaking stuff isn’t breaking as good as it was. I have no idea what I need to do I throw over the top no side arm stuff. Any drills workouts or suggestions?

If you post a video these kind folks here will be happy to help you out.

Chances are that changing your arm path has altered your overall timing. Like Sean said, post some video so we can take a look.

My pitching coach of way back when had a basic premise: that each pitcher has a natural motion. And what he would do was work with that pitcher to help him or her take full advantage of it—to make the most of it. He would never change a pitcher’s arm slot or arm angle. Now, I don’t know why your coach did this, but he wasn’t doing you any favors. You were doing all right with the short-arm delivery—a lot of pitchers use it—and I would strongly suggest that you get back to what was working for you. 8)

Changing your natural arm aciton can have many issues, the least of which can be loss of velocity. Trying to lengthen the arm action to improve velocity is I think incorrect, keep your natural arm action and improve your velocity through quicker hips and more torque.

Ah, yes—The Secret.
Buwhite, you know I’ve been talking a lot about this. I do wish more pitchers knew about this particular element of good mechanics. :slight_smile:

This was my favorite part of being a college pitcher in fall ball. I learned alot of neat little tricks with core strength and velocity. I probably added 4-6 mph to my fastball my first week of pitching practice.
One more thing: Adjusting to a new arm path can make your mechanics a bit robotic. When you work at it you will find that it gets more fluid and forms into a single motion. Then you will probabgly begin to notice a rise in velocity again.