Losing weight a good idea?


I am 6’ 1" and weigh roughly 200 lb. I’ve been trying to gain weight recently but i was wondering if losing weight would be beneficial so that calisthenics and cardio would be easier, and maybe i could run faster. Or should i try to stay at around 200?


Body fat % is far more important than overall weight.

I was 6-2, 225 w/ 8-9% BF during my playing days in the Cubs organization. They wanted all pitchers to be under 12%. Most pitchers were well under that. More mass enables one to throw harder, so I’d encourage you to find out what your BF% is now and then decide.


how do i find BF%?


visit your doctor. he can take key measurements and figure it out. you can search the internet for a body fat calculator that can probably ball park it for you.