Lose of 8mph

i was at 80mph avg. during the season, now im down to 72mph… yesterday gained 3mph so now at 75

i realized im opening WAY to early… as in my upper body is almost rotated around facing the target

is there any way to fix this other than just try to stay closed consciously?

Good question.

I don’t have the answer, but I’m very interested in hearing the answers.

BTW, good to see a fellow Cdn on here.

What are you doing with your front side?
It is one common issue to fling the glove (On a righty to the first base side), which causes you to open early…another would be over-striding (These are also indications that you are attempting to increase velocity and in reality losing it). Without video it’s difficult to speculate. Does it happen from the stretch also? I always would recommend backing up to basic fundementals and seeing what you have. Get some video so we can make fun of you and drive you into playing marbles…I mean so we can help potentially see what is going on :wink: . [size=9](Just seeing if you’re paying attention)[/size]

The fact that you understand, the reason you are losing velocity is because you have no separation in your back hip to back shoulder before foot strike, is a big bonus for you.

There are many drills to increase separation in your delivery. The trick is finding the right one for you.

I would start with your back leg. When your back knee bends, when your hips are moving towards the plate, does your knee bend over your back toes? If so this is forcing your hips to open early. You want your glute or butt to kick out towards the plate to start your delivery. This will prevent your back knee from bending over your back toes and your hips opening early. Remember “Separation” occurs when generating good momentum in your lift leg and following that with opening your hips a split second before front foot strike; while pinching your Scapula to hold your shoulders back.

Tim Lincecum is a great example of this

I have an article you should read after working on your “Separation”. Best of luck!