Loosing release point while warming up?


Hey everyone,

So I was playing catch today with my dad and while throwing after on a knee I began to think of where I was letting go of the ball and then my head got into how awkward it was was, etc. Any who while this happened I couldn’t throw a ball without bouncing it in front of him.

We continued and I still couldn’t seem to get on. I might have been thinking to much but I begun to throw curveballs then changeups and then 2 seams and the finally back to 4 seam fast balls where I could throw it where I wanted whenever I was wanted without bouncing it.

Kind of weird how it started off bad like that and ended really good.

Any tips on how to not have this happen?


What was the purpose of throwing on a knee?


Now that I come to think of it, there is really no reason rather it was embedded into me beginning at such a young age.


We had this drill when I was in HS that we started with our landing knee up and our posting knee on the ground. We got to the cocked position with our front shoulder closed then had to get up and over our landing leg through release. I always thought it was sort of weird, but we did it every year during the first week of pitchers and catchers. I’ve never had any of my pitchers do it because I don’t know what I really got out of it.


Yes I did what you described and with my “slingshot” type of release it doesn’t really go hand and hand as I believe the drills are more for people throwing over their head.

I think during this drill is where I begun to question my release point and started the domino effect of think too much overall affecting where the ball goes.

So I just think I will just eliminate all that stuff from my warmup routine.


I’ve seen lots of teams using the one-knee drill but every time I’ve asked pitchers what the purpose was, the answer was always “I don’t know”. Every drill should have a purpose. Without a purpose, you don’t know what to focus on and you have no way to gauge progress. You end up just “going through the motion”. But is it the right motion? Who knows.

I suggest skipping the one-knee drill.