Looking to Start Lifting


I hope to start lifting come the start of the school year so I can gain velocity to prep for my freshman year of varsity baseball. I currently sit at low-mid 60s.and I know I have to get that up in order to be where I want to be. What would be some good lifts or programs to get on in order to make significant gains? Would sprinting help?


Sprinting would definitely help. There’s a lot you can do, but you probably need to get a good assessment by a good trainer, emphasis on good, who can take a look at you and get an understanding of your body and what you need to work on. For example, what’s your posture like, do you have a low right shoulder, where’s your internal external shoulder rotation at, how’s your hip and thoracic spine mobility, do you have a good squat pattern? The list goes on and on and is important for understanding what and how you need to train to get better.


Great point on the mobility. I would recommend picking up becoming a supple leopard. It is a great book that about identifying mobility deficiencies and correcting them. Another great point about getting with a good trainer (you want to train explosive lifts/sprints, stay away from long distance running/super high volume lifting)


Supple leopard is a must! The harder you throw the more recovery and mobility work you need to do.


Find a trainer that can do an FMS screen and some ROM testing to determine what your body needs first. Become a Supple Leopard is phenomenal but it’s going to be hard for you to process all of that information and know what you need. You should by it but still find a trainer to do those assessments. After that you should get your bio-mechanics looked at on a slow motion video analysis software to determine if there are any inefficiencies in your throwing pattern. That will help a ton. Once your body is ready you can get on a good velocity/arm care program as well.


sprinting is great for post throwing recovery protocol and getting healthy but for building velocity you need to increase Ground force production which will happen more in the weight room. Things that make you sprint faster will make you throw harder. Squats/Deadlifts etc… We have ha guys increase velocity withe everything from increased strength to increased mobility though which is why the assessment is important