Looking for Stalker or JUGS radar gun

Hi All,

I have been using a crappy Bushnell gun for personal use for some time and I have finally had enough with the “misreads” and often times “no-reads”. I am looking to spend $250 - $300 on a used, good quality, good functioning gun such as a Stalker Sport or Sport 2 (preferably one with rechargeable AA batteries … but will take regular AA model if you’re offering a better price).

please email: sirslava at gmail dot com
with some photos and a price (photos in the body of email, please. I try not to open attachments)

Thank You,

Have you looked on eBay?

That might be a better option for you, you might be able to find someone who no longer needs it due to various reasons.

Yeah. No luck with eBay. That’s why I turned to here. There’s a used one that I’ve been looking at, but the owner has been giving me the runaround about it’s condition and functionality. It’s listed “as is” which to me is an instant red flag. Plus still wants $400 for it. I was hoping there would be a coach, scout or player here who maybe upgraded and was looking to sell their previous model.

Little hint: Try searching for “JUGS Gun” or “Stalker Gun” while omitting the word “radar.” Or try “JUGS Radar” or “Stalker Radar” too.

I got my JUGS pro sport gun for $250 like this! Works great, came with rechargeable batteries, charging cord, and tote bag.