Looking for some Cleats

Whats a good pair of cleats out there for pitchers? Anything new in particular?

There are a lot of good quality baseball shoes out there and many
reliable brands. Your best bet is to select a pair with the following

Three cleats on the ball of the foot and three cleats on the heal.
Try and stay away from the designs that have pin style track spikes
on the ball of the foot. In fact, many leagues have a ban on that
design incorporated with the normal spike (cleat).
A low cut instead of a high top shoes is best for pitchers. A low
cut is the style that has the side of the shoe that goes below the
ankle bone on the side of your foot. The high top sides can cause
some rubbing - sometimes.
A shoe that has some holes for ventilation - incorporated with the
total design. Or, a light material stiched into the top or side.
Try to fit your shoes on with street socks - not the thick sneaker
socks. Remember, your baseball shoes are just that - shoes.
Purachase a pair of shoes with at least five eyelets for your
shoe laces. Less then five eyelets will not give you the proper fit
when tightening up your laces.
Purchase support equipment with your shoes
----- shoe trees, shoe polish, a stiff brush for cleaning, saddle soap if
their made of leather, and don’t forget lots of extra shoe laces.
Try and purchase a cheap plastic tote bag to carry your shoes in after
your game is over. That way if you have dirt, fleas, ticks, mites and
stuff stuck to your cleats - all that stuff will stay in the bag unitil you
get to some place where you can clean your shoes off.

Coach B.

I’m a fan of RBK’s comfy, and durable.

Puma’s are also a good choice.

I got a pair of the Nike Air-5 Conversions.
They work pretty good, and having the ability to replace cleats makes them last longer. And I put a Tuff-Toe on. Its a pretty good setup in my opinion.

^ yeah same.

I’ve also had a few pairs of Nike’s 2K4s the last few years too - they fit real nice and have exceptional ankle support.

Adidas FTW

i love the nike shox i have, no problems with them

Well I think I’ve found my cleats :smiley:


^ those are nice

i got shox too, i personalized mine, though

Great buy I got the nike shox monster’s, they look really similar to.