Looking for Pointers

Looking for some tips for my son (aslo me who hasn’t pitched in 25 years).

Thanks in advance!


Colin starts by “over early counter rotating” past the field driveline (imaginary line that runs from second base to Home plate thru the center of the mound) This has him correcting it back towards straight but not all the way causing an intuitive centripetal imperative that has him direct his Humerus low when the power turns on with his forearm flying outwards. This action has him intuitively Forearm supinate his drives (see the ball break left) , one of the worst pathomechanics on the Elbow.
The counter body rotation also works to overstress the ligaments around the shoulder capsule eventually loosening it up called laxity, then the rest.

Mitigation comes when he learns to align his shoulder and Pelvis above the field driveline.

Then drive all pitch types with Forearm pronation where you will see his Elbow pop up and the ball tailing towards the ball arm side of home plate.

Rob has good rhythm and reaches back but to far. then he quickly extends his Elbow and locks it in.

This is a breakdown in the kinetic chain at the Elbow that would better articulate and become whippy if he kept a slight bend at the back then immediately raise the Elbow with the Elbow still bent some. (20 to 30 degrees is preferable) when driving the ball “inside of vertical” to better pronate his pitch types.

This is great, thank you!

Re Collin, a few changes will help him.
It’s better we talk, too hard to type it.
My email is pauljoehooker@gmail.com
if you want to schedule a few min chat. It’s pretty simple what he is doing incorrectly.