Looking for Pitching Consistency

I coach my son’s 10U Tournament/Travel ball team. We are a new team, and I entered the team to winter ball and we finished just above .500, the biggest trouble we had was inconsistency in pitching. I only allow my players to throw fastballs and occasional change-ups, I don’t want to hurt arms at such a young age. I am looking for teaching tools, mechanics etc anything to help my pitchers be more consistent throwing strikes. I am not exactly sure if it’s their lower body mechanics, throwing mechanics or both … any information would be appreciated … Semper Fi in Baseball.

pitching consistancy come from mechanics and throwing - alot. not games but bullpens, flat ground work, long toss, etc. you need to throw in some manner everyday.
as far as mechanics there are alot of good sources - coach ellis has lots of good articles on his site and has more in depth material available. leo mazzones book is good - not overly detailed. ive gotten lots of good material from college pitching coaches, lots of good videos out there, our website has our throwing program and mechanics, lots of good threads on here about mechanics.
just dig and sort. then dig some more. you can never get enough info.

RIGHT ON! Many pitching coaches—guys like Mel Harder, Eddie Lopat, Johnny Sain, Leo Mazzone, etc., etc.—advocate throwing every day, not pitching, just throwing, playing catch, for 15 or 20 minutes, and not overdoing it. This is the single most important step. Doing this every day will build up and strengthen the arm. After a while you can begin to incorporate one or another of your pitches, and you can begin to work on control and command. I used to do that all the time, just playing catch, and as a variation of this I would have my catcher position his mitt every which way but standing on his head, and we would play a little game we called “ball and strike”, the purpose being for me to work on control and location of my pitches. I found that there’s nothing like it to sharpen my control, and it was a lot of fun besides. 8) :baseballpitcher: