Looking for pitchers in European tournament

Dear pitchers and players,
We are Slovenian national baseball champions (5 times in last 10 years). We are all amateurs. In 17th of June this year we are participating in official European club championship B pool (semi proffessional level) in Czhec republic for one week. Our intention is to win the championship. For last ten years we had almost everytime played in finals. If we win we play next year in European club championship A pool (good proffessional level). This is the highest level in Europe. In last ten year we were playing two times in A pool.
We are looking for 2 pitchers.

  • able to play 2 games in 6 days without closer
  • speed at least 85 mph and good movement
  • at least one good second pitch (curve, slider or change)
  • ability to hit and play a secondary position is a bonus
  • available legitimate stats
    What we offer:
  • Second strongest official european tournament
  • Airplane ticket, accomondation, food and drink
  • Option to become B pool european club champion

We are also looking for good batters, but we cannot offer you an airplane ticket. We can only offer accomondation, food, drink and very good baseball.

If you are interested please email me to:

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Matija Bericic
Baseball club Kranjski Lisjaki