Looking for More

Ok i’ve been drilling and throwing more than ever looking for ways to get more spin on my screwball. It’s not just that i’ve been wondering how i can get that super-sick movement on a knuckleball and Big Curve that i am looking for on my curveball. I’m throwing my screwball almost like a reverse cutter with standard grips on both of my curve and knuckleballs.

Any comments will be helpful.

Me too… i wanted the big curve(aka yellow hammer) and have been working towards requiring it. People told me to release the the ball slightly closer to my body. That allows you to get on top of the ball more for rpm.

I have to say it helped. now my curve hits dirt when i throw it right!! =]

Then again my control is doodoo and i throw max 55-65mph curves LoL

Good luck on you’re venture and hope I helped =D