Looking for improvements to my workout and diet!

So Im currently training in Dominican republic to continue my pursuit of someday playing college/ Professional ball. As of now im 6 foot 6 and 215 lbs. I pitch both a two seam and 4 seam fast ball at 85 or 86 mph depending on the day. Oh, And I recently turned 17!. My training at the program im in is from 2-6

My workout differs day to day but will usually require me to do a two lap warm up and stretching. Followed by a long length of arm circles and arm excersices without weights to strengthen. I will than do a Long toss of probably about 300 feet (never measured but I will try too tomorrow) And than come back into about 70-80 feet using my pitching mechanics on flat ground. We will do this usually every other or every day. Unless our arms are sore in which case we will just do some light toss to keep our arms moving.

After the long toss we will do about 10-15 sprints of about 100 feet.

Followed by 5-10 laps of the stadium.

We also do alot of squats and lunges on oh conditioning days (Wednesday and friday)
And than we also find time to do lights weights (4.4 lbs) and we also use resistence bands to strengthen. Plus 1 gsme a week.

let me know if you have any tips on improving my velocity and strength with any extra excersices or changes I can make!

My diet consists of usually for breakfast Ill have two ham and cheese sandwhichs with fresh squeezed orange juice
For lunch Ill sometimes have a large plate of salad and rice and beans.
And than after training I will have a large plate of fruit salad and a plate of fish or chicken.
Is this enough to be eating as a athlete?

P.s thank you for any advice as I really am dedicated and wanting to become a better player (Its my life)

Sounds like you are on the right track. Don’t get too caught up in the details - just keep working hard and stay on this program. Your coaches seem to know what’s up!

Best of luck! Just be sure to get enough calories - really pile on the meat! (And milk, too.)

You’re eating nowhere near enough for an athlete…2,500 to 3,000 calories a day is what normal people eat, and for a skinny guy like you who probably has a metabolism like a blast furnace, you’ll want to increase your intake significantly (we’re talking 4,000 a day to start).

Adding 20lbs of weight should help the velocity if that’s your limiting factor…I 'm constantly adding tips and articles on treadathletics.com for how to bulk as a pitcher and there’s a lot of good information out there if you look.

Continue working on your mechanics…remember, the key to velocity is POSTURE, CONNECTION, ROTATION!

find an mlb pitcher who throws similar to you, and study his posture, his connection (includes timing and how upper and lower half are synced together) and rotation (how he rotates around his spine while maintaining his initial posture as opposed to flexing the spine and trying to push the ball to the plate).

Hope this helps some