Looking for help with my 12 year olds mechanics

I am trying to help my son’s mechanics but am no pitching coach. I would appreciate any constructive criticism. From videos I have watched it looks like his front arm is not mirroring his back arm, but not sure what else he is doing incorrectly or how to correct it. He has great work ethic and really wants to be a better pitcher, so as long as we know what to work on we will. His control is pretty good, but his speed is not quite where he wants it to be. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

If anyone has the time to give us an analysis then we really would appreciate it.

Tough to tell from the YouTube videos but it looks like your son doesn’t get much hip and shoulder separation. Instead of hips rotating ahead of shoulder, they appear to rotate together. This can certainly limit velocity. Ideally, the shoulders should stay closed longer enough to allow the hips to fully rotate. Hip rotation usually starts right before front foot plant and finishes at or right after front foot plant. So this means shoulder rotation happens after front foot plant - well, that’s what we want to happen.

Two things I can see that can pull the shoulders open early are posture and glove. You didn’t include a front or rear view but it does look like your son gets his head tilted to the side. That can have the effect of pulling him offline from his target and opening the shoulders early. Try to get him to keep his head upright.

Also, it looks like his glove flies out to his side and gets outside of his body. This will also pull the shoulders open. Better glove control will help him keep his shoulder closed longer. Try to get him to keep his glove in front of is body as he squares up to the plate.

I recommend checking out the NPA’s mechanics model via the book, The Art and Science of Pitching, or maybe their videos. Look
. (I am NPA certified but I get nothing for making this recommendation.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It really means alot that there are people out there willing to help. Those all sound like good things to work on. We will keep working and see how it goes from here.