Looking for help 9u first year pitching


Hey all looking for some help for my son.
Playing 9u first year pitching and he is struggling.
I have a short video here of him pitching last night kinda off in the distance. If you see anything that we can do it would be much appreciated.


Ball hand needs to go or reach all the way back with knuckles toward head. Just practice proper throwing first then practice pitching.



There a good video at the bottom of that thread.


Quick fix? Go to the slide step. No leg kick. Have him turn his strike toes towards home at the very last second. That will fix it for now. The video shows him bring his leg up and at the top, he turns his knee and foot towards home (at the top). This allows his hips and shoulders to open way too soon…thus creating wildness and limited velocity, I assume. He needs to keep his lead (strike) knee and foot closed and bring his foot down to almost the ground and then move forward.