Looking for feedback on new video. What needs work?


Thanks for all of your feedback. hahahaha.

Honestly most of us don’t comment unless the video is right there in the post, yours is a little hard to find on the page.

I will comment tonight or tomorrow.

Others should use this to watch his video also!!!

Couple of things I can see…first your stride looks quite short for your height, my thoughts are the closer to home you can get the less time the batter has to react and the less distance makes your pitches that much more accurate. The accuracy thing might be good for you since at least from the video hitting your spots didn’t seem to be important. Next, you seem to break your hands a bit early and open the front hip a bit early also, I think they are related in your case but the longer you can stay closed, the more velocity you can generate and you should get more accuracy also.

Very good balance overall and good position in the finish, make sure you work on being in a good position to field your position at the end of every pitch. Nice leg action to help decellerate your arm…really nice.

Last, when you make your next video, keep the frame tight, and only post 2-3 pitches, best mechanics, maybe from a game so that we don’t have to watch 9 minutes to see if there are other angles etc.

abbyadam, why did you remove the video from youtube? Would you like me to remove the link to the video too?

My travel team coach has amended my video to 5 minutes…best pitches/mechanics. I think it’s easier to view. Thanks bu!