Looking for feedback on my 10 year old son

Looking for any and all feedback on my 10 year-old son’s mechanics. Obviously need high leg lift, but what else can he be working on? Thanks.

The cap falling off is sure to add 5 mph to his pitch , he just needs to do it consistently, not only for first pitch. :smiley: . He has to glove turn. I prefer starting from the stretch at this age.

Thanks for the feedback. Could elaborate on what mean by “he has to glove turn?” I think he needs to pull through more with the glove arm - is that what you mean?

The mop of hair is constant problem for hat retention. Maybe it helps distract the batter. :lol:

Anyone know why embedded youtube code isn’t working.

just turn the glove around facing his chest. look at all MLB pitchers doing it.

I fixed the vid for you, the address line got hosed somehow.

I usually don’t analyze a guy who isn’t dressed and ready…don’t think i ever watched a vid of a kid pitching with sandals on :lol:
Nice German Shepherd though…and a real nice yard/pool :wink:

I’ll say this, he understands the fundemental movement, looks sound. I figure if he can comfortably throw from the windup and is fundementally correct…why the heck not???
He looks like he brings pretty good velocity…tell you what, put him a set of cleats on and have him toe a rubber…if nothing much changes…he’s got a very nice start. At 10+ I’d expect this kid to carry some pitching duties…So please be careful to allow him rest and keep in mind…coaches will try to get innings out of him, outside of maintaining his edge those innings mean very little for another 3-4 years so keeping him well rounded and always learning more fundementally sound baseball is the “real” quest…don’t let cheap trophys be the driving force…prepare. When he’s a healthy senior and has a shot, you’ll understand and it’ll make you glad you did.

On his front side…(Glove side) he is dropping it, you want a more equal and opposite kind of representation, he will have location issues if this isn’t corrected…not an emergency…there are a whole slew of good drills out there to adjust that. My advice would be to check out your local or closest university, if they have a good program, they may offer camps and clinics…way more meaningful and healthy skills you can get from a $75 or $150 dollar weekend seminar or week long camp…than years of travel ball…or if you are close major league teams periodically offer something similar, usually just a Saturday afternoon and is more “gee-whiz” than meaningful but any place to keep him excited learning more in a healthy way.

This is a great example of why watching with the naked eye is dangerous. I watched at full speed and my first reaction was “meh”. Watching frame by frame, though, it actually looks pretty good.

His glove side is a little lazy at the finish, but his “equal and opposite” arm action is really not all that bad. Get him to bring his torso to the glove, rather than just dropping the glove to his hip and that will help a lot.

I’d probably work on a little higher leg lift, and working on getting a bit more momentum towards homeplate from the start of his delivery. These factors will allow him to have a release point a little farther out in front of his landing foot. All in all though, that’s a pretty minor nitpick for a 10 year old.

I’d also strongly recommend some athletic shoes and a haircut, but that’s the grouch in me coming out!

I also agree he’s got a lot of good going on. Equal and opposite is there but not with the right timing. He gets to an equal and opposite position but vacates that position well before front foot plant. However, instead of holding the glove out front longer, he really needs to use his lower half to get himself moving faster. Then the timing of his equal and opposite will be better.

In general, I think he is all arm. Moving forward faster with better control of the glove and a little leading with the front hip and he’ll be in good shape to continue to develop.