Looking for feedback on mechanics on a 13 yr old LHP

My son is a 5’11", 120 lb 13 yr old LHP.

With only a couple lessons under his belt, we were wondering if there are any mechanical issues with his delivery that you can see.

We only have a series of photos at this point but will work to add video soon.

Thanks in advance for any comments you may have.

Your son gets good extension with a good release point. good job! :slight_smile:

But what pitch is he throwing. It looks like a fastball. Tell him to hold his fastball very very loose. The tighter you hold the ball means more friction, which means less velocity.

I agree wit holding the ball too tight, it really looks like a plam ball, get those 2 fingers up on top of the ball. I would also like to see more balance at the top of the post, as you bring your leg up and swing back your balance is already heading down the hill. Last thing, I have never liked the over the head prep. my kid used to do it and he would bring his head forward and change his balance just a little every time.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Actually, he is throwing his changeup. He prefers the three finger off speed to the circle change which he used to throw. The explains why it is buried in his hand so deep as well.

What about his back foot after delivering the ball? While it appears that he is dragging it to burn off some speed, I am not certain that he doesn’t do this on all his deliveries.

Thanks again for your input.

My son’s pitching coach works with him to get the foot off the rubber quicker, he has a variety of reasons mainly to keep the body aligned and for propper follow through. Even though my son works on it, as you may have seen in his videos he still drags a little at times.

Watch that elbow just looks a little low to me. Really like his length down the hill stay back as long as you can.

one thing I noticed is that he shows the ball to third base. Instead he should be showing it to first base. (I believe its picture 13) It will take some time and work to do it, but this will make it easier on his arm and give him better control. It should also correct his low elbow seen in a picture or two later. As a drill, have him start sideways to the rubber,
and go into his stride while bringing his glove up thumb down. At the same time the left hand goes up showing the ball to first base.

there is one big thing an on small thing that i was able to pick up on with these pictures.
ill start with the leg swing. This is also called sweeping. Alot of younger pitchers tend to do this. The problem with this that its hard to find consistancey with the landing point and because of this its alot harder to throw the ball where you want it. I would recomend drawing a line from the center of his back foot sraight to home plate all the way down the mound. As a fellow lefty, I have found this to be a very helpfull tool. now if you wanna throw a pitch down the middle you should land right on the line an if you wanna hit the corners you want to land about 2 or 3 inches off to the left or right of that line.

The other thing that i noticed is that he is landing on his heel. When this happens his front leg locks out on impact and ultimately causes him to loose some velocity and extention on his follow through. I would highly recomend that you get him into the habbit of landing on the ball of the foot.
But other than your son looks pretty mechanically sound. Best of luck to him