Looking for feedback 12 yr old-Updated

Looking to see what else we might need to work on. Son will be 13 the end of next month. Have been working on hip/shoulder separation and length of stride. He’s 5’3", his stride is at right about 55". I really appreciate all the input I have recieved from you all. He’s added velocity and much improved command of his location on his fastball.


Need angles from each side - 1b, 2b, 3b and HP

I think his ~intent~ could be better. In other words he should be going all out.

Have your son go all out and get one or 2 throws from each angle.


Your son flows forward (doesn’t pull to the side at release) well. The one thing that I would be working on is his posture at release. An athletic posture is what you should try and get not so vertical. Hip and shoulder is all core strength. The kid I coach MJ thats under my last post I never worked on that it just happens when your strong.

I was just showing him a bit ago another video comparing his with another video. I think he stays to tall throughout. Not sure if that’s what your saying or I am not wording it correctly. I think he needs to kind of sit at launch point ? Was looking at the hershiser drill. Doesn’t lead enough with his hips ? I really appreciate the feedback.


Athletic stance posture same thing. It’s amazing how every sport has the same posture. Bend at the waist get the butt back. A great exercise for this is dead lifts.