Looking for Certain Drill?

My son has recently been swinging his front leg out. Is there a specific drill I can use to correct this?

Why do you think it needs to be corrected?

Roger, I videotaped him again this week as he has occasionally throws across his body. He does not always swing out his front leg, but when he does it often leads to him stepping out (righty, toward first).

How is his tempo down the mound? Do you think he could stand to move a little quicker? If so, that might make him take a more direct path which hit front leg/foot.

Roger. Good question. I noticed that when he swings his front leg, his back leg has a tendency to collapse. I would guess this means he is moving too slow?

It could.

Put a stopwatch on him. Start it at first movement that a baserunner would go on, and stop it at front foot plant. Try to have him get into foot plant in .90 - 1.00 seconds.