Looking for advice to help 11 year old

Just looking for a few tips to help my oldest son out, any advice would be appreciated. As I said in the introduction my knowledge is limted at best so I’m hoping someone here can help with control. We have adjusted his grip [thumb now at 6], and worked on keeping his eyes on the target [he was looking down during leg lift]. His control has improved alot just with those 2 things but he is always looking to improve.

I am sorry but the video is so shaky and dark I am totally distracted by this and can’t focus on the techniques specifically, like to have a nice well lit video with a tripod or the camera sitting on something.

Generally it looks good but I can’t make comments until then.

You will have to forgive me on the video, I had his 9 yr old brother running the camera on my phone. I cant seem to find the cable to hook the camcorder to the computer. I will try to get a different video up in a few days. He pitched tonight ,so will have to wait awhile before he throws again.

Great, we look forward to it!