Looking for a online pitching coach


My son is 9 years old, I took him to a pitching coach, but he was a little too technical. I’m looking for someone that can review his videos and give me tips through hudl.com We’re doing this with a coach for hitting right now and my son has made huge improvements. I send the coach videos of him doing the drills to make sure we’re doing them correctly and he provides suggestions.

Thank You

i can try and help

is your son a righy or lefty

My son is a righty

I’m looking for someone with experience coaching at the youth level, do you have any videos of you pitching or coaching?

what does he throw like now

i’ve taught my sister how to pitch, sadly i don’t have any videos of it. I taught her to throw 3/4 , before she asked for my help she was throwing over the top and it didn’t look good, she has had a lot more success

At 9 years old not sure if I would start pitching lessons at all. Lots of instructors & lots of opinions out there. Unfortunately guys that were very good pitchers don’t make good instructors. At your sons age (IMO) it’s best to focus on intent. This site has some very knowledgeable people, posting video is an excellent way to get constructive feedback. @Roger is an administrator on this site and I believe a certified NPA instructor who has worked with youths for many years. Reaching out to him for advice would be very helpful. I say all of this from experience with my son who is now a HS Senior. If given the opportunity to do it all over again we would skip the instruction. No matter how well meaning instructors often try to mold kids into their own image. Each pitcher is unique, got to find someone that will work with how he naturally throws and adjust, not reinvent.

I get what you’re saying, I don’t see balance and coordination drills as a negative at 9 years old.

Taking martial arts classes are more helpful for these skills (IMO). Balance point drills are a great example of what shouldn’t be taught. Many pitching drills taught to kids make them overly mechanical & slow.

I’ve seen plenty of kids that worked with pitching coaches that look fantastic

lol I need a pitching coach too

how old are you

. Website refrenced below…

I’ve got a 9 year old as well. There’s an app called up my game. You can upload a video and for $10 solicit an “expert”. The baseball guy is former MLB and seems OK.

I review on there as a swimming coach and it’s just starting up still small. Maybe worth $10 to see if it works for you guys.

For me, I’ve decided to take it on for my boys until they pass my ability to research and help. Not there yet. So much data out there and I studied my tail off for several months understanding the basics. I’ve gotten a lot of good advice reading on here but I also have 25 years coaching and video reviews for different sport but transferable skill so far.

What’s been working for us is I video his motion, digest it, we discuss it, identity ONE key point and follow up with a drill to reinforce it. One key point at a time. Then repeat that drill every time we throw as part of our routine until he doesn’t need to think about it anymore.

I can tell when I create a little imaginationary pressure to hurry him a bit or distract his mind by forcing his focus on something away from the movement and it’s still in good shape on video. Then I remove the drill and go to the next one. Only keep 3 active at once.

his windup looks similar to pedro martinez

I throw 91, I can send you the video if you’d like, and I’d help free of charge.

Hey, definitely interested in some input, my son has grown a lot since this post nymortgagepro@ gmail.com is my email remove the space. Hit me up send me some video, my son would probably really value your input if you’re throwing 91

9 years old… well, may I suggest the following:

  • father and son fishing poles, fly fishing poles at that, some fly tackle, a pair of wadding boots, and an agreement between you and your son on the story of …: “the one that got away.”

  • A couple of boomerangs, an open field, a clear day with plenty of sunshine and let-em rip! What’s really cool is when you toss both at the same time and then play “DUCK HEARE COMES ONE NOW!”

  • Find a kite that looks like batman and take a CD player with you. Then when you get the kite launched and it’s flying, click on the CD player with the Batman’s theme song. Your son will love it and you’ll be the coolest dad in town.

  • Pour you and your son a glass of Coke with ice, sit on a back porch, front porch… any porch and talk a bit. Tell your son what you did when you were 9 or so.

This is the most important time of your life and that of your son. Baseball is nothing compared to the memories of just son and dad… good memories.