Looking at the target

How important is looking at the traget the entire time? After i pivot and get into my leg lift and i look at the ground at the third base side. I do ths because it is very uncomfortable with high leg kick and pelvic loading. Also, don’t have any problems locating.

Unless the target is moving, you’re good.

not looking at your target is not a big deal as long as you have not started forward. picking up the target too late means that we will have a harder time throwing to an exact spot but maybe to a general area. pick it up just before we go forward allows us to have a hard focus on an exact spot. Staying focused on the target the whole time allows for our eyes to lose the hard focus and go to soft focus again that will only allow us to hit a general spot and not an exact one. our eyes and our feet a the keys to throwing the ball where we want to.

Some truth here…tho some might suggest that staring at the target the whole way encourages aiming rather than throwing the ball. You may have some kids that you would prefer to focus on a “general area” and just throw the stuff out of it.

In my own personal experience I felt very comfortable looking away from the target once I got my signal & location…since neither the mound nor the target was moving, it wasn’t a big deal. Regardless, positive visualization is very important.

I feel a great deal of pitching is muscle memory, and obviously each pitcher is different. That being said, I would never be looking anywhere but the glove once my body is moving to the plate. I always tell pitchers to focus on something small on the mit ( a string, a word, a letter). This makes the margin of error smaller. To me, looking at the glove is habit, and some pitchers have just grown bad habits over the course of their childhood.

last i checked, they haven’t moved the plate from 60’6" in front of the rubber in over 100 years. valenzuela looked to the heavens, nolan looked at the ground then found the glove, tiant looked at everyone in the stadium at some point in his delivery, so what ever works. most guys concentrate and visualize better when they look at the target.

Just be aware that turning the head to look at the target can cause some pitchers to open the front shoulder and that’s not good.

if the batter drops down a bunt on you, you better be aware.

if anything i stay closed too long