Look away

When you are going through your motion are you supposed to look away from the target momentarily around leg lift and then pick the target back up? I was watching clips and noticed the most of the pitchers did this.

I do this and look at the dirt on the mound to make sure that I start forward at the right time and am not staying back on the rubber.

As a lefty, I glance at the runner at the top of my leg kick when I go from the stretch. From the windup I do generally the same thing as OffSet.

No not supposed to, lots do, lots don’t, I try to have pitchers I train pick it up and not look away after that, but it really is just what works. I am also a lefty and back when Moses and me were paling around…when I was young, I also looked the runner into peeing himself (I just love that…) but I suggest that once you pick it up lock on it.

If theres a runner on third or second then yes.

If your going to look away with a runner on second i suggest going into some counter rotation, such as you would in a pickoff to second. It completely scares the crap out of the runner, and then when you go to the plate he looks like a retard.

Theres also the occasional pause at “balance point” with a runner on 3rd. Just looking him back making sure hes not thinking about getting an even bigger lead.

Be careful that when you do finally look to home plate that the act of turning your head doesn’t open up your shoulders.