Look at this!

please tell me what you think of me. first 4 or 5 are two seam last 4 or 5 are curves

come on please tell me what you think. i know i can get some input

I think you can make your stride leg a little, teensy weensy, longer.

Nothing bad.

Looks good. 8)

thanks i just was throwing. not placing the ball anywhere. i pitched in babe ruth this last year and had a 1.18 era just throwing tha two seam lol and then in high school summer ball against a varsity teams i threw he curve and a two seam. lol and beasted

any thin else? id like to get input from an amin if that was possible

First your video is very difficult to really do justice to you. Next time it is important to see your feet and I’d love to see you off of a mound. That said I see a couple of things. Two ideas…consistancy and opening up…It looks to me like you rushed through your video and thus your landing was almost never in the same spot, I think in the third and sixth pitch you opened up and delivered in a balanced posture to the plate without losing balance…this is the mech you should, in my opinion work on repeating. In all of the others I think you ended up closed and throwing across your body, losing balance in your follow thru, this does some things which could be non-productive (Pulls your vision away from your target, makes your body compensate to regain balance…which can effect accuracy and velocity and strain the shoulder). So work on opening your stride (Steven mentioned a good hint in the 12 yr old working w/Dusty Delso thread) consistantly as well as doing repeatable mechanics, get us some vid with your feet showing and hopefully off of a mound and tell us if you have any issues or concerns so we can concentrate on fixing that.
Always remember first things first…fix obvious issues and the we can refine more.

Your mechanics aren’t bad from what I’ve seen. I’d like to see the side view in order for the lower body analysis and stuffs; I’ll just say what I see

First, your arm action is decent; I see a good hint of scapula loading and your hip rotation is good, imo. I like pitchers who end up more to 1st base side than homeplate because I’ve seen one of my friends getting shelled with weaker fastball after doing those towel drills that would get the hips snap front rather than rotational snap. Good example of it would be Goose Gossage; I’ve seen tons of pictures & videos where his body somewhat ends up behind the straight leg while the upper body itself is more to the 1st base side than homeplate. IF you focus on straight line too much, you’ll be a ‘Zatopek Pitcher’. Just think about “Twisting” into the pelvis and straightening your leg while you rotate. Here’s a scientific explanation for it…

Okay, enough for my rant. I’m just tired of coaches saying ‘finish to the plate’ or ‘maintain straight line’. I saw the Irabu video in the few pages back of this section and he’s definitely NOT a straight line pitcher while many pitchers in Japan struggle to keep the body into straight line