Look at this and learn

hey yall i just wanted to share a little experience i have gotten. at the beginning of high school baseball season, i proved that i could really pitch. i made varsity and started the season opener against westminister academy.( a very good private school team.) anyway i had problems at the beginning of the year. i would throw great in the pen. excellent velocity, hitting my spots, everything perfect. but i would get into the game and my stride would be off, i wouldnt throw as hard and i would be unaccuarate. i was working on correcting it. after my second start i was messing around in practice and i strained my deltoid bad. took me 2 and a half months to even throw again. in that 2 and a halkf months i watching all the pitchers on my team very closely. i learned so much. i believe that it was a blessing in disguise that i got hurt becuz im back now and im throwing better than ever. I threw seven innings the other night against a very good team and gave up 2 earned runs. i havent walked anybody yet in the 14 innings ive thrown so far. ive given up 5 earned runs and ive developed a cutter that is really working. i believe the reason i have been effective is becuz ive learned how to throw my hard stuff inside without being scared of hitting batters. as far as im concerened ill take a batters head off if he is crowding the plate. right now im refining my change up and thats working out too. anyway in this long story im just saying if you get injured, watch everything around you very closely and learn from it. ill post pictures and vids of me pitching as soon as i learn how to put it on my computer. Everybody learn how to throw a cut fastball cuz it is ver effective! pe@ce[size=18][/size]

running the two seamer inside has been a blessing for me…I play against wood bats so that helps make it work too

that s great to hear that youve gotten over your fear of beanballing someone , you cant play YOUR baseball effectivley with fear.

yea man its been great. i threw 3 innings friday night. my cut fastball is the best thing to happen to me! i love strating it at somebody and having that last second break to catch the plate. btw my velocity was the best it ever was on friday. it was moving all over the place and really popping. i am supposed to throw a little tomorrow, hopefully start! plus my new glove gets delivered! i cant wait. ill let you all know how that goes…also any tips for the change up??

What type of change up do u want to throw 3 finger/palm or a circle change?

i throw a circle change up. wow its been forever since i posted that…ive had much better success with the change up by just practicing it. im not as good as i want to be with it but im definetly improving on it. ive actually been working on my cut fastball all summer a little bit more than my change up. i also learned a knuckle curve. so far ive been successful. we’ll see just how much better ive become once fall ball starts for the school because we play teams like nova and american heritage. but yea anyway…more tips for throwing the circle change up???

When you throw a circle change when it makes the Ok right before u release the ball turn your ahnd down for better movement

yea i do that. it works most of the time. the only problem is i dont know where the ball is going. when i have it working i seem to be able to get alot of swing and misses.