Look and Flip the Bat

There seems to be this “look and flip the bat” when a batter nails a pitch into never-never land. There’s also this feeling of “knock it off” from the backstop and pitcher when a batter does this. And lately, a few pushes and “ding!” round one starts…

These batters coming into the professional level that do this at the plate will, sooner or later, get a wild pitch in the noggin and other assorted places.

And, sooner or later, youngsters at the amateur level will start this “look and flip the bat”.

When you’re on the hill and you see this, don’t go off the deep end. They’re (batter) trying to be like someone else – dummies, with no respect for the unspoken rules and protocols of the game. Be professional – show no emotions, stone cold, settle back in, reach into your bag of tricks and put the next batter(s) down with solid pitching.

Something that drives me crazy is a batter with a 2-0 or 3-0 count squaring to bunt and waving his bat around. If any of my players do that I tell them that behavior is unacceptable on my team. Back in the day in that situation and I had a kid do that 3-0 I put the ball in his chest and hope for a deflection. If you are taking a pitch–just take the dawned pitch and don’t be an a-hole. Never try to show up the pitcher.

Same goes for ol’ Clappy McScooter on the base path.

Pitch out up the 1st base line for Clappy McScooter. He’s usually the coach’s kid, too. If he’s clapping merrily down the 3b line, make a pickoff from the windup on the next pitch. He won’t be expecting it. He most likely get a jump on his secondary and if the 3rd baseman trails him down the line, he’s dead meat.

I’ve never had an issue with players “mock” bunting on a pitch where they are trying to draw a walk, especially if they do it high out of the zone. To me this isn’t like flipping the bat after watching the ball sail.
I guess I don’t have issue with a player clapping and being excited after a good hit either. It’s good to be proud of an accomplishment. I want my players fired up.

Drew - Clappy McScooter is that irritating little turd that takes his lead and then starts clapping - trying to distract the pitcher. I got no problem with a kid that knocks one over the fence if he wants to clap a couple of times while heading to first. Now, if he keeps it up after he touches first - he might want to wear a flack jacket next time up.