Longest outing

what is the most innings you’ve ever gone in a game?
mine is 7

7 innings

9 Innings

I was one of those exasperating sidearmers who would consistently go nine innings and who threw maybe 85, 90 pitches to do it. I was a strikeout pitcher who could also get ground balls, and I used both facets of my pitching to accomplish this. And oh, what fun it was, making the batters look stupid with my assortment of snake jazz! :smiley: 8) :baseballpitcher:

My last year of little league we were in the championship game of a fall ball tourney.

I went 9 innings

112 pitches, 18 K’s, no walks, 1 hit, no runs.

I had 2 3 pitch innings, helped me immensely. Probably the greatest game ive pitched in my life.

the usual for everyone is 7, which is mine as well.

Threw a 9 inning complete game couple weeks ago. In HS went 10 innings in a very bizarre game.

I’ve only started once and it didn’t go well…

Longest outing to get a save was 3 innings.

10 innings. Collegiate summer game.

I threw a 130 pitch 7-inning no-hitter last week.

The most pitches I’ve ever thrown was 118 in a 6 2/3 inning start against our rival. I’ve gone 7 innings in starts a lot. I went 8 innings in relief once.

Longest was 7. Went seven innings 4 times this year.

10 innings. Collegiate summer ball game last year. Only 8 people showed up to the game.

Longest was 5 1/3… The coach took me out because my 70 pitches were over, and the reliever sucked and we lost it.
I really was pissed off because my coach limits me to 70-75 pitches per game, though I feel perfect after that, an could go 50 pitches more

7 innings, 109 pitches

Innings wise, 10, in a college summer league. Pitches wise, that I know of, 163.

13 innings

212 pitches, 17 k’s, 9 walks, 3 dead balls

We won 4-2

Well I’ve only started (I relieved more last year) once and while it doesn’t seem like a long outing (only 4.1) I threw 90 pitches, mostly because the umpire was confused by my knuckler and wouldn’t give it to me if it were right down the pipe. So I ended up walking a lot of people but working out of it having to use my other stuff, you know the normal fastball, changeup and curveball and getting the win with only 1 earned run.

mainly cause my baseball games doesn’t last longer

Granted, I haven’t played since I was 15, but I went 9 innings every time.