longer stride

Hey guys I’m a freshman in high school and in the past after pitching I have noticed sometimes my elbow area of my arm would be sore. So I have been doing some research and I think if I increase my stride length and try to have all of my body momentum moving forward this will solve the soreness. Feel free to disagree and give me other advice.

Do you have a video of yourself pitching? It could be due to a number of factors, but the most common factor I see giving lessons and watching video is a lot of young pitchers “rush” down the mound and thus when you land all your weight is already out in front of you and you just have your arm to throw with which would be more stress on it but obviously this is just speculation.

Having a video would help.

Good point Ryan. But video would help

don’t know why it added 3 times but anyways heres video of my most recent bullpen which was filmed yesterday.

I am assuming that this is supposed to take me to a video or pics but it does neither.

i dont see anything either

upload it somewhere that doesn’t require us to be Google + members

To add to the comments above, early shoulder rotation will leave the arm playing “catch-up” which translates into more wear and tear on the arm. If that’s the issue, then the trick is to figure out what you’re doing to cause the timing problem and fix that.