Long Tossing Question


Is it good to long toss, and if so what would be a good long tossing routine and how far should I be throwing?

Regarding Long Toss

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Is it good to do it everyday? @Steven_Ellis


@Steven_Ellis or what do you think I should do in terms of rest? Everyday, take 2 days off, 3 says? Or what


Guys, let’s not complicate the act of pitching.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with longer distance throwing, but it doesn’t need to be as structured as you think. Just get outside and throw the baseball – doesn’t have to be for a set time or a set distance. Just throw a little every day and let your arm dictate when to ease up or when to push it.

Then, when you’re 90 days out from the start of your first practices of the season, you can be more structured and follow a throwing program like in my TUFFCUFF manual. But throughout the rest of the year, and especially in the off-season, just get out there and throw. Period.