Long tossing in the cold

Hey everybody,

I live in Jersey, and the winters are always real cold. So would it be bad for my arm to be throwing max effort in 20 or 30 degree weather?

If you have access to an indoor 70’ cage, long toss can be done indoors.

My son’s pitching coach hangs a backstop behind the mound at his indoor cage. He paints targets on it at 6’ high for younger kids and 8’ high for his HS guys. Throwing from the plate side at 60’ or so from the reverse backstop(?), hit your target and you just simulated long toss. This also allows a temp controlled environment and easy set up for video to check mechanics.

You should be good if you warm up properly and don’t take a break, then throw again, etc. But definitley try the indoor idea, it would be a much better choice.

I had a thread I started in February for just this topic. Hope this helps.