Long Toss

How far should you be able to long toss for an average 15 yr old, and for a 16 yr old so on…

Just turned 17 I can throw from almost 300ft. 275-280 without a bounce.

So what do you think is a reasonable distance for a 15 yr old?

One of my students is 14 and he can throw right around 280/290 during the Jaeger program. He is also capable of throwing 85 though, so I dont think he is the average 14 year old. I would say that anything over 250 with good form is good.

See the thing about this is the answers people are giving it’s hard to figure out what they mean in particular about long toss. I think that judging a good long toss is how far you can get back and throw the ball on a line, now I realize from a certain distance it makes it really hard to be on a direct line and it will need some arc but some guys here or on this forum do long toss, throw the ball a mile in the air and make it 300 feet. I’d say when you do longtoss and you can throw the ball on a line from 250ft you’ve got a good arm, possibly great arm. Just my .02 cents, this is also what I think If I saw you throw from the outfield I could give you a true judgement on arm strength.

That is true. It is just like everything else, we need to know the definition of what you consider long toss. The Jaeger program you stretch nice and easy and go back as far as you can while still feeling good and stretching. Then you pull down coming back in, which means to stay throwing at 90% of your velo and release the ball more and more out in front to adjust to the distance. Works pretty well.

My son (16) throws about 290-300 on a line. He was just clocked at 86 last week. Not sure if this is average or above average. We live in a very rural part of upstate NY where it is above average. Plays some travel ball but is on an 18u team so tough to compare with his age group.