Would you all agree that long toss is the best way to strengthen your throwing arm and maximize your velocity potential?

Does anyone have a good long toss program that would include offseason as well as in-season throwing?


I would have to agree with that. By program u meen a schedule or what to do during longtoss?

more like a schedule.

ya i agree but throwing hard is comesfrom mechs to so do reg pitchingto

What I have been taught is that lengthening your muscles will allow you flexibility and with power and flexibility your velocity should rise. My tommy john rehad tells me to throw 25 throws at 40 50 60 and then 70 yards. I am almost at my 12 month mark so I tend to move it back. When throwing crow hop and extend as far as possible while still sticking to your natural mechanics. I would not advise long tossing more than 4 times a week because you still need time for bullpens and any other throwing you do. Good luck to you. And just remember when coming in after long toss thats when you open it up and start puting the ball on a line to put that stress on the muscles that will give you that extra umph.

To warmup for bullpens do you guys longtoss to stretch out your arms or what?

40 yard catch and sprints to warm up for bullpens.

Rite on thanks

Sorry i don’t have a long toss throwing routine for inseason but for the offseason i do. three times a week you do the following. on day 1 you throw from 120 ft 8 times then you cool down a little and throw from 120ft 8 times then you cool down a little and throw from 120ft 8 times. repeat this on day 2 and day 3. you are probably going to gain about 4 mph after 8 weeks but thats no garuntee

i surely agree that’s one of the best workout for pitchers to improve their arms but as all the muscles work you’ve to work on it an let it rest too… so i would say twice a week during your off season period and once a week in the season. you must also considered your sprints as great aids for gaining speed… an your long runs for getting resistant in the mound so then you’ll be pitching lot better…

i hate long toss programs that designate a certain amount of throws each day…you know why? Because on any given day YOU need to decide how much YOUR arm is capable of handling. I like a Jaeger style long toss…keeping arm really free and loose start 20 feet away and gradually move back…stretch the arm keeping arc on the ball, and keep going out, and out, and out. Your %effort will continue to go up as you move out. Once you get out as far as you possibly can (100%) effort, begin coming in, but keep that 100% effort. Make sure not to send the ball over your partner’s head, but continue hurling the ball as hard as you can until you get in to 60 feet. Come in about 10 -15 ft after each throw.

This process supposedly stretches out the arm, and then once arm is stretched to limit pull down those throws and see the effort translate into velocity at 60 feet…

by the way every session should be preceeded by a very thorough dynamic warm up, arm circles, and light rotator cuff tubing exercises

hope this helps