long toss

is long toss the best way to increase velocity

It might not be the best way but it does help alot IMO :smiley:

well then what is

improving your mechanics and strenghthening your arm

strengthning your arm…isnt that what long toss does

yes, that as well as lifting weights,tubing,diffrent arm excercises

if youre under 13 i wouldnt lift weihgts

Agreed. Mechanics, 100% throwing off of a mound, long-toss, and tubing in that order.

i think that long toss is a better way to increase velocity than throwing off a mound. i read that throwing off a mound will actually break you down to a certain extent- that’s why it’s so important to have a maintenance strength program going on over the course of a season.

basically the further you push back in long toss, the easier stronger your arm will get as a whole. i wouldn’t cut mound throwing out, because obviously that’s the best way to work on mechanics but long toss is very important.

Good point Samo.

But here’s my feeling on this matter. Throwing 100% off a mound will help increase your speed, maby not as much as long toss. But you have to remember throwing bullpen can help to aid in mechanics. Yes you can have good mechanics with long toss but your also throwing on a flat surface. You also gain command of the strike zone throwing of a mound. You also have the option of throwing all of your different pitches and working on locating them.

Overall I think that bullpen is better for you than long-toss if your time throwing bullpen is limited.

Now for me, my brothers a catcher. I can throw bullpen whenever I want. So now I have the option to throw long toss along with bullpen any day I want.

along with excersise long toss is great for adding mph to your fastball
what ive always done was throw from about 90ft, but i do it on a line no arches

personally, i dont think there is a better way to strengthen your throwing arm than long toss…that being said, i dont think you should long toss any longer than you can throw the ball on a line. some coaches will say not to go over 120 feet or so, but i dont think you can put a number of feet on how far to long toss. just keeping it on a line for as far as i can has given me the best results.