long toss

wat would a GOOD log toss program consis of doing? how many throws, how far?

It depends on what you are doing longtoss for.
Longtoss has never been proven to raise a pitcher’s velocity.

The program that I did in the summer for about a month and a half was trying to throw a home run. I worked up to throwing the baseball out of the ballpark from home plate. It worked out pretty well for me so if you want to, give it a try.

General long toss throwing maintenance in season really takes only about 10 mins, working back to 120-150 feet, to loosen up the arm.

But twice a week, I’d air it out foul pole to foul pole. I also threw two bullpens between starts ( a half set and full set) on a 5-6 day rotation in college. Our conference games were on the weekends, so the front 4 starters in college generally would pitch on a long 5-6 day system, so that bullpen work in between during the week was very important.