Long Toss?

How many days of the week should/can I long toss if I practice twice a week?

How many games do you play a week?

will be starting to play about 2 or 3

1 or 2. The other days, you’re just warming up the arm or throwing bullpens or doing drill work like fielding practice.

It depends how many times you throw a week, what i do is say you start monday, tuesday would be a light day with good deal of running. Wednesday would be a moderate day probally around 90 feet or so Thurday/Friday either Long toss or bullpen saturday would be a moderate day and sunday a light day thats kinda what i do it may not be the best way to go about it but its worked well so far. Sometimes i’ll long toss Wednesday and Friday with a bullpen in between depending how much i throw. It is really self dependent on your pitching schedule.


most welcome