Long Toss

I’m sort of a new pitcher (Pitching for about 2 years) and my speed is kinda slow… I go on here quite a bit, and hear a lot about long tosses, my problem is that i have nobody to toss with, so i ask ya’ll how can I increase my speed other then long tossing or how can i do it (Long toss) by myself?
Thanks a lot.

hey hows it going. Long toss is kind of a drag when you don’t have anyone to play with. i have a brother who is older than me by 1 year. Yet he is really lazy(but a really good baseball pitcher) anyways i am the one out there long tossing and pitching sometimes by myself.

Anyways here is what you do. Get a pale of baseballs. If you have access to an L screen then just put that up and throw the balls into that. Keep progressingly moving back until you have reaching your max distance.

Even though you don’t have someone to play with you can still put in the time and effort.

Hope this helps bud

Yea. Thanks a lot.