Long toss?

Does long toss actually build velocity?

What about weighted balls?

The reason I am asking is I am going to be a junior in highschool. 6’4, 160 lbs. I go to a pitching coach who is a minor league coach for the Detriot Tigers. My fastball sits at 81-84, but he says I have great hand speed, and i could projectibly throw in the mid 90’s.

How do I go about gaining this hidden velocity?
longtoss? weighted balls? gain more weight? Leg strength?

please help.

I throw almost exactly like Justin Verlander of the Tigers.

i dont know about weighted balls, but longtoss worked for me that combined with tweaking my mechanics and growing 4 inches last summer added 15-20 mph on my pitch in a span of three months. i long tossed 4 times a week starting out at around 50 feet then as i got loose i gradualy streched it out to over 300 ft. then gradually came back in to 50 ft. over all around 150 throws 4 times a week

I play catch almost everyday with a regulation baseball, starting out close and eventually getting a decent distance between the person catching. Before I started to play catch like this my velocity was probably in the 60’s but now after a few months it is def in the mid 70’s. So I think just playing long toss with a regulation ball will def add velocity. Ive also heard good information on weighted balls but cant seem to find somewhere to get any 4 oz and 6 oz to under/overload. I can only find a set of 8, 10, 12 oz balls, which is insane in my mind. The 8 oz maybe usable and beneficial but 10oz+ is dangerous in my mind.

If you are going to use weighted balls, only use it for about 10 minutes.

3 minutes at 60 ft
3 minutes at 90 ft
1 minute at 120 ft
3 minutes at 60

For under/overloading I would do this

3 minutes at 60 ft with 5 oz
3 minutes at 60 ft with 4 oz
3 minutes at 60 ft with 6 oz
1 minute at 60 ft with 5 oz

You also said that you are going in to your junior year in high school and you already throw 80 to 84, thats VERY IMPRESSIVE for someone your age. You will naturally gain velocity due to growth alone because you are only going into your jr. year. You will probably gain another 2 to 5 MPH naturaully which will put you anywhere from 85 to 89. If you are a big kid like you said then you definitly have the projectability to throw 90.

Just specifically on weighted balls you can find a great explanation of the concept here: http://www.baseballfit.com/weighted_baseball_throwing.htm

Also Jerry Kreber, who also belongs to the forum did a study you can see here: http://baseballideas.blogspot.com/2005/08/weighted-balls-part-ii.html

I think weighted balls can be incorporated into a throwing program for some great results, a lot of forum members have reported good results and I don’t recall and problems.

Also I think leg strength and core strength should be a part of any pitchers conditioning program, they’re shouldn’t even have a negative impact and can definately have a positive inpact.

I agree with centerfield, build that core. At 6’4" 160 I’d think you more than likely have to tie an anchor around your ankle in a strong wind. Work also on adding a few pounds to that frame with a good diet and perhaps some supplements. Long toss, play catch but put a little a** behind it also, think physics.

Thanks for the information. How much does a regulation ball weigh? 4 oz?

Yeah everyone tells me that i need to get bigger, I eat alot, but I have a very fast metabolism.

Could anyone suggest any supplements. I tried chocolate protein shakes. But they tasted so bad I’d rather be kicked in the shins. Something punch tasting maybe.

Thanks again for your help,

You can get the 4 and 6 ounce baseballs here:


As centerfield said, concentrate on building leg strength and your core. For your legs, start hitting the weight room and do lunges, squats, and leg presses. Running uphill and downhill is also good.

For your core, get a swiss ball and a good book of exercises to go along with it. You want to build up all the muscles from your stomach around to your back.

Assuming your pitching coach is doing a good job in getting your whole body into the pitch, your velocity will increase as your leg and core strength increases — and as you “fill out”.

You are at a point in your life where putting on weight probably will be a problem, so don’t worry too much about it. Just keep eating right (lots of high-protein, low-fat foods), running, building your core, and hitting the weights, and eventually everything will come together. By the time you are 18-19 you’ll be throwing BBs!

And yes, long toss is helpful in developing velocity; make sure you are always throwing on a straight / downward plane though (do not arc the ball at long distances). Move back 15 feet at a time, 3-5 throws at each distance, until you reach a point where you can only reach your target on a bounce, then “pull back” by moving forward at the same 15-foot increments. When you are back at 60’, throw 20-30 fastballs; twice a week, throw the last 5-10 fastballs as hard as you can (but under control and without over-strain). Pushing yourself on occasion will help develop your full potential.

I don’t have experience with weighted balls but a sensible program should be of benefit.

You can also make your own weighted balls.
Take an ordinary drill with a large bit and drill into the middle of the ball. Take a 1 oz lead fishing weight and insert it into the center of the ball. Fill in the hole with epoxy. There’s your 6 oz ball.

For a 4 oz. You kinda do the same thing but you are trying to hollow it out more. Use a food scale to see when you’ve removed a little more than an ounce of the inner core. Then put a little tissue paper into the hole and fill the top of the hole with epoxy.