Long Toss

OK Well I was just wondering is it good to do some long toss before a start?

I long toss everyday I have a game to get ready and make sure my arm is loose.

Usually i just throw til i am loose getting arc on the ball as i go out and then pull it down as i come in. Pretty much know your body. If you need the long toss to get ready do it. If you don’t then don’t. All that matters is that your ready and loose for the start.

Watch any MLB game and you’ll probably see the pitcher throwing some long toss before the game. It won’t be for max distance or effort, though.

Tom House has his pitchers do long toss as part of their pre-game routine but they only go out as far as they can while still maintaining good pitching mechanics.

I agree with Roger. I used to long toss before a start to loosen the arm and just to make that pitching distance seem really short when you go from 120 feet to 60.5 feet.

good points guys…

I usually went out to around 150. I know some guys that went out to 300. Nonetheless, a good stretch on the arm.

I think it all depends on the pitcher. Some guys love long toss; some guys hate it. I think that if you’re one of those guys who this it makes them feel better, then doing it before a game will probably benefit you. That being said, I wouldn’t overdo it on a gameday.