Long Toss Velocity Relationship

I know 360ft is equal to 97mph and 300 ft is equal to about 90 mph. I was long tossing today and was getting around 240ft. what is that in MPH wise? Thanks for help.

There was a calculator posted on the blog a while ago, and I figured 80mh was 260 feet, but I’m not sure if I calculated that right and I’ve never been radar’d, so I have no idea if I can throw 80 or not.

well i was talking to someone and he said 240 ft was 80

Although the distance the ball is thrown can be used to calculate velocity but that doesn’t mean that you could do it on a mound with different constraints, like the lack of a crow hop and the fact that you’re adding accuracy issues into the mix, all of which change everything.

All true, DM. I like the idea that you can equate velocity to distance, though. It gives the guys an idea of what their top velo might be, or at the very least gives them a goal to shoot for.


Distance in long toss is a great gauge for effort and improvement. Transferring it to the mound is tricky though.



I think that can be a problem at times getting it to transer to the mound.

I long toss about 290 but i’m not going to be hitting 90 on the mound

290 isn’t 90 anyways ,300 is 90

So you were throwing 240 feet and then in some other thread you said you were throwing 79 from a mound? How much effort do you figure that was? Congrats on that btw.

This might help.


In college I would throw the ball out of our field from homeplate down the RF line (312 ft short porch with a 20 foot fence) and I never topped 90 mph. I’m guessing those throws were around 325 feet.

I know its all physics and projectile motion but I don’t necessarily believe these calculations are accurate.

Last time I had measured a throw was about 260 feet cold, and I doubt I’d hit 80 on radar. I don’t know though.