Long toss to velocity

today in practice after warm up when we were doing BP i went out to the softball diamond that was 275 around and from behind homeplay i could short hop it to the fence, like it landed at the bottom of the fence. What exactly should that translate into mph on the mound? And wwhat would I have to translate it mechanically, I know when I long toss I extend so much better and i think i throw it from a higher arm slot, and the strange thing is throwing it that far and my arm does not hurt whatsoever and I was throwing close to the same distane at our diamond in warm up for a while and there was no pain, yet when I pitch sometimes i get pain in my elbow which makes me wonder if i do something harmfull mechanically.

Some people can’t translate their longtoss onto the mound. Some pitchers can throw for miles yet they can’t take it onto the mound. Examples from my own team - me and my roommate long toss together and we get it out pretty far, and he can straight out just throw far…but he throws 85-86. I feel like he throws just as far as me if not further, yet i get up into the low 90’s. It really changes on an individual basis.

I understand that, but I’m wondeing what I might be doing differently long tossing compared to pitching. I think if I scrapped my mechanics pretty much I’d be throwing harder than I am now.