Long Toss To Actual Velo Question

Hey guys, I have recently came off of a ankle ligament injury at 14 and I do not have a radar by me normally. Last time I got radared was mid-March where I threw 82 off the mound and I run & gunned 85. I have now deadlifted 455 lbs, reverse lunged 315, and I throw everyday. I went to a baseball field today and threw the ball to 320-330 ft max. Last time I was maxing out at 300 ft 1 to 2 months ago. In addition, according to Dr. Heenan’s 90 MPH Formula, I have exceeded all the criteria to throw 90. What MPH should I be reaching now because I throw 330 ft?

P.S. (It would be great to know what distances equal what velo…ex. 210 ft = 70 mph…)

You need to study some physics. Even as a young person it would get you where you hope to go sooner than you think. When you throw a ball for distance the ball will slow rapidly with time due to air friction. Your notion of 70 mph for a 210 foot (70 yard) throw is likely way off the mark as MLB outfielders are throwing closer to 90 mph on such a throw. Just don’t hurt your arm. Back in the day, I threw a ball 400 feet and 95 mph off the mound, but these are two different types of throws. And check out this guy who likely threw 110 mph:

New Britain, CT: Home of the World's Fastest Fastball

Are you sure 90 mph to 210? I am talking about a max out long toss throw from 210 feet, no way its 90. Plus throwing 330 ft should be at least 90 MPH correct?

As I said you should learn some physics. Start with projectile motion (with corrections for air friction) and you will finally know what you are talking about. Good luck with that.

Stanford - read the article below.

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