Long toss question

Okay I have a question about the art of long tossing. When people say that they toss 350 feet, does that mean they throw a straight shot like chest high all the way to their partner from that far? Or does this mean that they throw it that far with a slight arc, or do they one hop it?

With long toss you work your way back as far as u can, then throw it flat, if you need to hop it do so, dont arc it it effects your mechanics in a bad way.After a while, normally 2-3 weeks throwing from that distance would be pretty easy so u move back a little, then repeat the process.

Im currently back to 240ft. Its taken me about 2 month 2 times a week to get there. If i arc it i can get to about 300ft. which is the farthest in my team :).

Good luck

Yeah i was throwing 80 yards on a football field today which is 240 feet also. Anything past that i couldn’t get it there on a straight line. I really can’t see how some people claim they can long toss 350 feet on a line.

the furthers ive seen someone throw flat was about 300ft. he did it 10 times and then his arm was buggered

Yea well picture a major league fence. How often do you see a major leaguer even when they’re not from the fence throw a frozen rope to the catcher?? Not too often does that happen usually 1 or 2 bounces at around 350 Ft.

If you saw a side view of those “frozen ropes” from the outfield you’d see that they actually have quite a deal of arc to them.

Saw a MLB player throw from 3rd base over the right field wall and into the bleachers in a MLB park - probably 350-400 feet. It was a rainbow! You would have to be a freak of nature to make a throw on a line that even traveled 250 feet.

Well let’s take someone throwing a ball about 100 mph, pretty much the limit. A baseball slows down about 1 mph or more for every 8ft. Let’s say the ball is thrown 320’ so it slows down by 40 mph to 60 mph at the end. That means an average speed of 80 mph. That means it takes over 2.7 seconds to travel 320’, but let’s use 2.7 seconds. Gravity accelerates the ball downward at 32 ft/s/s. That means the ball would drop 116’ over the 2.7s. Now let’s give the thrower a break and say that he’s putting so much spin on the ball that it is only dropping at 16 ft/s/s (good luck) then the ball would drop 58’ over the 2.7s. Now what really happens is that the ball is thrown upwards to start with and that initial upwards velocity has to be overcome, but the ball also doesn’t retain that much spin, almost nobody can throw 100 mph and the ball actually travels further than 320’ so the ball has to be thrown at least 30 or 40’ in the air to go 320’.

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