long toss question

So i have no one to throw with on most days
and i decided to throw long toss by myself against a wall using a franklin soft strike t ball (5oz). Half way thru my work out the cover of the ball started to come off and i eventually took the.whole thing off. When i got home i weighed the ball and it came out to 4.5 oz. Would the ball be harmful or unhealthy to keep throwing in any way?

I think it would better to throw with a real baseball. One that you’ll be using in a game.

There are pretty expansive, but if you spend a couple of bucks you can’t a spanking brand new quality one.

If that’s a problem, just “borrow” one a local baseball place or high school.

Or if you don’t want to do that, ask the head coach of the local high school team for a ball. I can almost guarantee he would give you one, if you asked politely.

To sum up, I would not throw with the baseball still. It probably won’t hurt your arm, but you should be throwing with a real baseball.

If you throw with a ball that weighs less your risking altering your mechanics.

What your doing is called under training.

I’d get a regulation ball and continue to throw with it. Scrap the lighter ball because you will be putting more stress on your arm when you “move” up to a regulation ball.

It’s less harmful than throwing a mlb heavy baseball but long toss still puts a lot of stress on your arm. I’m not a fan of long toss and I don’t see how using a less than 5 oz baseball will alter your mechanics.

Yeah its either for long toss or regular throwing. The thing is throwing a baseball at a wall makes a loud cracking sound that gets annoying and sometimes deforms the ball. So,knowing that im not pitching the 4.5 oz tball, would it still be bad to use it to condition?

Oh, I personally don’t recommend using a lighter ball for regular throwing. How much space do you have to long toss? I use a pitching screen and I have it like 5 yards or so from my fence. When you say conditioning, do you mean like warming up? If so, use a regular ball because that’ll alter your mechanics. But like I said, it shouldn’t affect your mechanics during long toss I would say.