Long Toss Program

Anybody have a long toss program that helped them?

start close and throw at a lil bit of an arch so you dont overuse or hurt your arm. then steadily move out at about 10-15 feet per, every time your arm feels stretched. try to go out as far as possible while still stretching not forcing the arm. then when you reach peek come back in at 10 feet per throw(1 throw then come in 10) make every throw like your farthest throw only this time your gana pull through the release point so you dont throw over target. try that out

i do something similar, but i usually take 3-5 throws then move 10 ft

Jeager long toss program got me from 84 to 88 and a scholarship when i was a junior in highschool.

You can look up videos on youtube.

ya i just got the video. my shoulder had a swollen bicep tendon but its almost fully healed. should start the long toss next sunday so im lookin forward to it. hoping i can sit 92-93 with it, cant wait