Long Toss program

I throw alot. Im not sure if the amount I throw is healthy for me. I did this type of throwing last year and I gained so much more stammina and velocity.
I throw at least 5 times a week with a break in the middle.
Ever time, I throw 5 mins to loosen up. Then with aregulation ball I throw about 120 feet 20 times 200 feet 15 times. Then I move on to a 7 ounce ball and throw 20 at 120 feet and 15 at 200 feet. Then I move up to 8 ounces and throw 15 at 120 and 10 at 200 feet. On top of that I throw (with regulation balls) about 35 light pitches for batting practice to my friend.
I wanted to know if throwing this much is benificial to me or throwing less would benifit me more or less. I dont throw as much when my arm is dead and I dont throw at all if my elbow or shoulder hurts.

How old are you and what is your height and weight?

I am a senior in high school 5-10 5-11 and weight is about 175 almost all muscle

Weighted Balls are good but throwing them from long distance isn’t the way to go. Maybe some people do them but you can have better success thowing into a net much closer. Also , thowing weighted balls from 120 feet will definitely tweak your mechanics. You will adjust to the weight and gravity by letting the ball go sooner. Trust me on this one. Long toss is fine and even throwing 4- 5 times a week is fine as long as you are throwing and not pitching.

I think my 13 yr old had the greatest gains last year when he was long tossing and doing a weighted ball program. He went from 65 to 71 in a span of six weeks as a 12 year old. IN season he did it all , Jaeger Bands, Long Toss, Weighted Balls, and pitched once a week about 85 pitches. Although he was dominant I didn’t let the Daddy’s from Little League pitch him more than once a week. THis was helpful because when he went to Steamboat Springs his arm was fresh and he was ready to go.

We still do weighted balls but with caution. He currently is playing with his JV team and I am happy he isn’t pitching as much. HE comes in to close from time to time and I am satisfied with that. I really must admit that although I was skeptical at first , weighted balls helped him warm up better and has benefited him. IF used with care and with feedback you can use them to your advantage.

Take care and try not to use them in long distances. The 6 oz ball I believe is fine but the others I wouldn’t go as far.