Long toss methods

I seen some pitchers long toss through taking lots of “hop steps”, like an outfielder would to throw to home plate towards their partners. However, my pitching coach advises me to go through a pitching motion, and to throw not at the person catching, but at a downwards slope till i hit my cap (placed about 60 ft away), and let it bounce towards my partner 120 ft away who would do the same thing to me.
which is really the more effective way to long toss? How do YOU long toss?

Sounds like the cap drill that Tom House and the NPA use.

Regarding long toss, House has his pitchers do it using proper pitching mechanics and only to a distance that proper pitching mechanics can be maintained.

Sounds like your coach could be a House guy.

Thts great, and sounds like a good program. I dont think you need to be too concerned with how far you throw or how long. Just work to a comfortable distnce using good form… ie, limit those “sky balls”! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good way to not have long toss be, rainbow toss.