Long Toss From Knees


I read an article on Craig Kimbrel about how he gained a lot of velocity on his fastball by just doing long toss from his knees. I was wondering how he did it (both knees on the ground? front knee up? both knees facing in same direction? etc.) Thanks for the help!


I never met a knee drill that I didn’t hate.


If I recall correctly, he broke is ankle, so he most likely have both knees down since he probably could put too much weight on his ankle(whichever one he broke). I can’t imagine he would be set up in any other way.

If I were doing his type of long toss(how I envision it would be set up), would be on both knees with my chest facing my target, maybe at a slight angle in.

Look at your mechanics as you do any type of throwing program. Improving your mechanics will help(I would argue more) than long tossing by itself. There is something to be said for going out and throwing with a high level of intent, but if you’re able to make yourself more efficient while using high inent, you’re going to be all the better from it.

Interesting that you mention his long tossing from the article about him. I have been considering a throwing program that uses long tossing using his method, so it’s easier to do indoors with limited space.


Kimbrel did it because of the broken leg, but constraint training has its purposes. I wrote this article in 2011 about Kimbrel’s throwing:


Can catchers do this as well?


Good article Kyle. I honestly never thought of constraint training being so critical to overall upper body mechanics. While being a fan of backward chaining, you’d think it would have been obvious.

I plan on incorporating this into my guys training immediately.

As a side note. What a great work ethic Kimbrel has. Imagine if you could bottle that ethic and sell it. :o


“As a side note. What a great work ethic Kimbrel has. Imagine if you could bottle that ethic and sell it.”

I was going to bottle it…but it was going to be too hard.


Here’s I do it. I have long toss like this for a week or so now and like the changes in my upper body mechanics. I also tried doing alternate ways of throwing from my knees such as from one knee and wasn’t able to get nearly as much as I was when I did it like this.